File Sharing and the Files app

I’m interested in allowing users access to documents via the Files app. Adding the following keys to my Additional Plist Data in my Project Settings was enough to get it working:


Now I see that UE4 is putting some folders into the iOS documents folder, which exposes them to the user. Most of those folders are empty, like ‘Content’ and ‘Intermediate’, but in the ‘Saved’ folder one can find logs (no big deal) and config *.ini files (potentially a big deal).

Only user data is intended to be stored in the iOS Documents folder so it would seem that UE4 is ignoring iOS guidelines. However, I tried deleting those directories and while the app still ran just fine, it also regenerated them. I can understand storing logs there, but I would like to know why config files go in there or if exposing any of these files to users could open up my game to hacking.

Is it possible for me to compile my app in such a way that it would not store files in the Documents folder?