File(s) not under client view when using Perforce integration with null workspace root

In 4.7, I am using Perforce with a workspace that has its root set to “null”. This is so that I can map various parts of the depot to different drives under Windows. When it is set up like this, all Perforce operations done in UE4 fail with “file(s) not under client view”. With a workspace root pointing to a directory, everything is fine. I’m pretty sure I had no issues with this under 4.6, so I don’t know what’s changed.

For what it’s worth, when writing external tools I’ve found that I get this error if the p4 command line tool is not run from the same working directory as the file I’m trying to perform an operation on. So, for example, on the DOS prompt:

This succeeds:
C:\SomeProject>p4 edit C:\SomeProject\SomeFile.txt

This fails:
C:\SomeOtherDirectory>p4 edit C:\SomeProject\SomeFile.txt


Thanks for the report. This situation is not one that we test often so I can imagine that there may have been some regression - for reference I’ve entered the issue as UE-11190.