File Organization

I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer.

I am figuring out a workflow to use Unreal as a renderer for CG films. I don’t want to write a book and bore anyone. The basic workflow is create my assets/characters in Autodesk Maya with material place holders and export to Unreal. Build the set, create/apply materials, setup lighting and create cameras. Export this back to Maya, animate cameras and characters then export the animations back to unreal. It sounds like alot of work but really isn’t too bad. For me, I get to use the strengths of each software and minimize my weaknesses in each.

The issue I see in the future is organizing the separate files. When I used Maya with other software there wasn’t any back and forth. For example aftereffects. I use Maya and once rendered, I moved the output in an Aftereffects project folder with the same name as the Maya folder. Reassembled the separate renders, made my corrections and kept my final renders in the afftereffect file.

Should I keep this same file organization or should I keep the Unreal and Maya projects in the same folders? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. One fear I have is when I eventually replace my PC is I will break my References and not be able to find them bc of my poor file organization.

Anyone doing this as well? If so, is there any pitfalls I should avoid?

Thank you in advance.