File Management

Hi all,

I come from a background in liner 3d / web dev / graphic design. I am having a hard time making the connection between these mediums (where you open and close the files you are using) and U4 where you can save a file, but I still have unsaved content in my content browser. The entire idea of packages in UDK never made sense…and I haven’t heard the word package in U4. Can someone explain the way U4 handles files and assets? For example why do I have to save the file and the content such as blend spaces separately in the content browser, etc? Or point me to a post / blog / article that does?

How is a project different from a level? Are digital assets in a project available to all digital projects regardless of import? Etc.

Thank you, it is one of those things I never understood and I think it is time I open my eyes to why I am doing what I am doing instead of “will this work? -> good -> phew”.