file.generated.h not found problem, xcode 6.1.1, OSX yosemite

Hi, I am trying to program a game using C++ but when I add a new AI controller class and try to recompile with hot reload (I got unreal engine 4.5.1) there is the problem:“Superclass AI controller of class MyAIController not found”. In xcode, it says “MyAIController.generated.h” file not found.

Could you please help me solve this issue?

I up this thread since it went down fast^^’

You may want to post this question on “UE4 AnswerHub” (tab at the top of page). A developer will likely need to look at this and they are out of the office until next week. However by posting your question there, it will be assigned a support member who will keep track of the question’s progress and thus save you the trouble of having to bump this thread (although your welcome to do so in case a community member has the answer in the mean time.)

ok thanks :slight_smile: