File corruption has occured (Help)

Hi guys!
Today I wanted to download Grand Theft auto V to PC, to an external hard drive (It’s a Toshiba 1TB, NTFS), and then this error occured, i tried to redownload it, but nothing. I formated my hard drive too, but it doesn’t work. What should I do?
Interestingly, it allows you to download these to disk C. What’s more, Epic Launcher itself won’t be allowed to upload due to this bug. I used to download GTA V on exactly the same hard drive on my bad laptop, but this hard drive changed from D to F and was specifically unusable in Epic Games, and I couldn’t delete it from the control panel either, so I put it in the recycle bin manually. ( I know, my english is 10/10 ':D)
Thank you all the help!

Hey man, you are actually posting to wrong site.
This is not site for posting problems with epic games launcher or you hardware.
This site is only for Unreal Engine (game developing software)

But I try to answer your:
Every hard rive connected to your computer is named by letter (it starts from c and then goes in alphabetical order)
Every computer has drive C which is drive with windows, when you have another drive it would be named “D”.
If you connect your external drive to computer with only one drive, it will get name “D”, which is second after “C”, and if you will plug another drive it would get name “E” and then “F” and “G” and so on.
So thats why your drive changed name in other device.

If you cannot download it directly to your external drive, I would advice you to download it to your computer, and after that you can copy it to your external drive.

I dont know if this is going to help you, but I hope so

Thank you! I’m so sorry about this posting stuff, next time I’ll pay attention to this.