Fiirst Person Example with custom assets?

Hello all, I’m kinda new to the Unreal Engine 4, and I was wondering How I would go about importing custom guns, or guns off the asset store into the First Person example project,(the new project first person template)
I bought the Silver Military weapons off the Launcher store, and I believe they have the animations, sounds,and everything else.
My question is, how do I rig the weapons to the current First person example; Do I export the Player Arm Mesh and rigg it in a modeling program, or somehow rig it in Unreal?

I’m sure this question has been asked to Death, but I honestly couldn’t find a clear cut answer to what exactly Im trying to do.

Thanks for your patience guys.^^

Hey mate!

From what i’ve beguin to find whilst digging around the internet for anything i can find to learn (complete newbie here :stuck_out_tongue: )

I believe these should suffice in helping you achieve what you need.


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your tip Alonaz^^
I would use those videos, but I’m REALLY not wanting to use the FPS example.
What I’m wanting to do is import the guns and use them in my own projects, not using the FPS example, I want to use the “First person Templates”, the new project type, not the actual FPS example Demo that has everything set up.
The FPS example demo has alot of things I cant use, follow, or even begin to understand, and the First person template looks easier to manage and set up.

It seems the player mesh and weapon that shoots out all those bouncy balls in the First Person Example Project type, all use the same mesh, so I’d need to do some extra things to get these weapons working.
Any idea?

From what ive seen you are able to use the FPS Template and replace the “blue weapon” that fire’s projectiles if you’re wanting to use a projectile system rather than Hitscan.
If that isn’t what you’re looking for you can look into the blueprints and see how they work , however ive only just started with blueprints and such.

I’m actually eventually wanting to create a weapon system to set velocity , Bullet drop , bullet spread, ect. I’m still yet to find much about all of that and i’m thinking ill have to create it all from scratch when my knowledge of blueprint get’s better lol.

I have actually tinkered with such things, the best thing to do is create a new actor called BaseWeapon or what have you drop all your main functions into this class such as push ____ button to fire and what not and the apply damage node and get that all set up, after make another blueprint off of that under custom blueprints down at the bottom of the blueprint menu, from there you will add the mesh and animations, this can be set up in the blueprint to run what ever animation you need at any given point, from there you would have the information of rounds as a INT var, how much damage it does would be derived from the base class and augmented to suit your needs in the child weapon, build an enum list with your weapons as the information, on your main character you would attach this to the players hand node and im sure you could pull the right hand animation using the enum value to set what animations you want to play so it lines up from your player character you would simply pull the enum value and attach the new actor as a child component you could store the status of the weapon in an array so i can be recalled when needed. its a bit hazy but im sure someone with a bit better experience explaining this sort of thing could explain it better.