Figuring out the game map scale for a 5 km X 5 km battlefield

For the RTS game that I am working on, I am trying to setup a battlefield that is around 5 km by 5 km.

I don’t know how to relate these physical dimensions to the scale being used in the level map.

What is the unit of measurement for the game map in the editor?

How many meters does 1 unit of game map equal to?

1 Unreal Unit = 1 cm.

Jacky, thanks for the quick reply. Is this mentioned anywhere in the official documentation?

Yeah, here’s one:

Great! The documentation says “Scale: 1 Unreal Unit = 1 centimeter (cm)” for static meshes and skeletal meshes. No word on the terrain though. But I am assuming the same unit of measurement applies for terrain too?

You got perfect assuming skills on this one :smiley:

Look at your level in top view, hold&drag middle mouse button and you’ll see the measuring tool. You can measure your landscape and see its dimensions. There is also a widget in the bottom left corner that gives you a distance reference as you zoom in and out.

Here is a video tutorial that I did a while ago that covers how to use the ruler. It was made using UE3 but the way that you use the ruler is still the same.

Awesome guys. I’ll keep assuming and learning.:slight_smile: Cheers.