Figuring out map size

I’m going insane trying to figure out how to determine number of components to create a map size. Say I want 120x160 km map, what would my grid size need to be? or a 100x100 km map, how do I know how big to make it? I keep trying to find answers but all I find are a bunch of fricken formulas and it’s making my head hurt! It would be nice if there was a calculator you could punch in the size you want and it would just tell you what to set your landscape settings at.

Probably because you can achieve a landscape that big with any number of tiles at any resolution and it all varies depending on what your project needs. A single 100x100 km landscape actor would be way too big and crash the editor, so if you were to make a map that large you’d probably be using world composition and a tiled landscape where each tile is relatively small to be lighter on performance. You know how large a landscape is by it’s resolution. At default scale, one landscape quad is 1x1 meter.