[Figured out the issue but not the solution] Need Help fixing bone constraints positions in my physics asset for my humanoid character

Hi everyone, does anyone know how I can get these constraints to spawn in properly, the issue is that the origin/position 2 of the bone constraint is not centred with where the joint is, as you can see ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ) its a bit to the right, when I move it with alt+leftclick to the joint ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ) and then simulate physics, the leg detaches from the body ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ), I have tried manually creating all physics collisions capsules and constraints but the same thing happens.

Video of the whole process with the constraints: Video 1 Of constraints origins not being in the right place - YouTube

In the video you can see how I generate all bodies and the constraints for some reason get generated like that and the simulation looks fine when I don’t move the constraints origin position, but when I do move them it detaches the leg from the body. When I am trying to do physical animation, the bones and the mesh will snap to the origin point of where the constraint is.

Video of the mesh and bones snapping but not the hit box of the legs: Video 2 of the bones and mesh snapping to the origin point of the constraint but not the hitboxes. - YouTube

If anyone has any idea how to fix this issue that would be great. Thanks

I found that the joints and the origin of the constraints only line up at a certain scale which is to small for my game and I can’t scale them up past that point or else they won’t line up, no idea why its doing this.

EDIT: actually found the solution, I had to set scene unit scale to 0.01 in blender then scale up my model to 20.0 in xyz and then apply scale and rotation, then import into unreal at 1.0 import scale

I’m having this issue, but I’m using the skelenton from the Anim Starter pack from the Epic store, so I’m assuming it is already scaled correctly. Every one of my joints have their Origin points somewhere else, then throw a wobbly and basically explode when I press Simulate. Any ideas?