Fightstick Controls in Unreal Game


I’m trying to get my game in UE 4.18 run by Fightstick input controls. I bought a simple fightstick and added gamepad controls like Left-Thumbstick-up for Up movement in the “Input” panel.
Now as the Fightstick should be mapping it’s movements to the keyboard/ gamepad controls, this should work just as if a gamepad was connected, I thought.

But unfortunately Unreal doesn’t recognize the inputs given by the Fightstick. Do you know how I can fix this or did anyone of you ever try to plug in a Fightstick to your Unreal game?

Do I need to set up macros in the Windows Game Controller Setup (like Fightstick button 1 for Keyboard Button A etc.)? I have troubles there as they just won’t work (it doesn’t take the macros, just keeps the old controls).

I’m glad for any advice,
thanks :slight_smile:


UE4 supports microsoft xinput. Never had a fightstick - but if it doesn’t work with the standard controls you might need to use an xbox gampepad emulator - like X360CE - that should convert the input so that UE4 can use it. Make sure you add the 64-bit xinput1_3.dll to the Engine/Binaries/Win64 along with the x360ce app.