Fighting Kit [REQUEST]

Hello developers,
I am very interested in a fighting engine for UE4 similar to UFE3D
If anyone is developing something like it please link me.

Many thanks

lol 110 views no one reply. Didn’t realize we had no programmers here.
btw, it’s a paid position if that’s what it takes to develop it for me

Yeah, you’re better post it at LFW section or blueprint/code gameplay sections

  1. If you’re asking for someone to make it for you as a paid position; You’re posting in the wrong section. You’re actually looking for the Got skills? Looking for Talent? forum

  2. “lol 110 views no one reply. Didn’t realize we had no programmers here.” <- Quite a hostel tone you got there. Since you’re asking for someone to make something for you, it doesn’t mean people should. There are plenty of other things / projects / whatever people are working on and thus shouldn’t bow down to your demands just because they know how to program.

If you’re asking someone to create something, respecting them goes a long way. Just because 110 people viewed this, it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had 70,000+ views on my Blueprint book thread? Does it mean they all read the book? Not at all.

I’m not trying to be mean or cause an argument, Just please talk to your peers with a little more respect in future ESPECIALLY when you’re asking them to do work for you.

My bad, thank you very much. Done!

You really have nothing else to do other than writing long posts? Anyway, thank you.

This is EXACTLY what that “Long post” was talking about.

You can’t remove entitlement. Let people learn through failure rather than talking to deaf ears.

Indeed, which is a shame because I was interested in doing this for the grand total of totally free but after the “entitlement” issues he has, it put me off even considering it. Maybe that’s why I’m annoyed he talks to others almost like dirt; As I was genuinely interested until I read the way he was acting.

Oh well.

Hey KitatusStudios -

Honestly I would like to see something like this come to fruition. If you need help let me know. :slight_smile:
The only request that I would have if we made something like this is that we can do 3D Movement (War of the Monsters, etc. ) as well as 2D Movement (Street Fighter, Tekken, etc.).

I can see this benefiting allot of people. Let me know if you are interested.


deaf ears are maybe not deaf but busy.

@Kitatus: What is with you? You get very easily offended. I cracked a sarcastic joke and you bounced on my face. Have you had replied nicely like zeOrb you would find only nice response. If you don’t like the post please just ignore it. I never underestimate or disgrade anyone. That’s something I am very known for in my 18 years in the film industry. So stop being judgmental. If you were capable of making this engine you’d have done it a long time ago but you got offended because you know you can’t make anything like that and you will not make it.

Anyway, moderator would you kindly close this thread? It’s becoming annoying discussion.

Sure! I’ll make a start on it when I get the chance. Will post work-in-progress on the Kitatus forums.

I guess the way you worded it rubbed me the wrong way, You have my apologies(?). HOWEVER, I never said I was capable of making anything near as awesome as Unreal Engine 4. It’s a beast in it’s own right!

I apologise if I came across as rude or snappy, Guess you got the brunt of my pre-caffiene fix. Apologies!

I meant the fighting engine not unreal engine. Anyway, No worries, I am a bit angry as well because I have a project, my first game project, and it’s getting a good response from investors. I need to get a demo ASAP. The problem is I can’t find this fighting engine on UE4 and Unity (with all my respect) isn’t giving me the look and quality I am looking for. There for I’ve been spamming everywhere looking for someone to take UFE to UE4.

I won’t be able to do it in a hurry but I’ll be able to do it eventually, Not sure how long it’d take but I could get it done. As you’ve got investors showing interest in your project, I could try speeding it up but I’ll need an idea of what features you’ll need. It’s a massive undertaking so it’ll take a while to achieve too but I don’t mind doing it for free as long I’m free to release it for free to EVERYONE.

Let me know the type of fighting game you’ve got in mind and the features you’ll need in the framework and I’ll come up with a timeframe