[Fighting Game Mechanic] Character Collision Push:

Can someone help me out here. I’m trying to make create a fighting game mechanics where when a character hits a pawn (or character), it pushes the player away with the players backwards vector (it’s just the forward vector * -1). I made it where it checks for the last input vector and see it’s set to 0 (checks if the player is standing still.), and it is set to 0, the blueprint would add (or subtract) a delta to the character’s location. But I want to check for collision for each tick (enable Sweep) and every time I enable “Sweep” on the Add _____ Local Offset nodes, (I tried add local offset and add actor world offset, still did the same thing ) the game would either crash the preview game whenever characters collide and/ or when a character hits a blocking volume and would display the “Infinite Loop Detected Loop Error” or UE4 would just crash entirely. I looked up why the sweep boolean in the add actor world offset node keeps crashing the game or UE4 editor, but found nothing about this anywhere.

I took a different approach and tried to add a force to the character movement when the players hit each other but multiple things happen ( When either or both “enable gravity” / “Simulate Physics” are enable, the characters stop moving.)

TL;DR Summary:
I’m trying to recreate the collision box mechanic seen in fighting games to push a non-moving player to its backwards vector using a moving character. I’m trying to compare the last input movement, when it’s 0, the BP would “addActorWorldOffset” with sweep enable, but would crash the preview game or UE4 entirely. I need help with this.
I also tried to use the AddForce Node, but the players wouldn’t move.