Fighting Game Intro (Sequencer)

Hi there! I am trying to create an event where the game detects two characters (each with a unique actor tag) that’s spawned in the world and plays two sequences before starting the game based on each one.

Note: I’m trying to create a system where it will automatically play different sequences based on who is in the level.

This would be very similar to Street Fighter, Tekken, Etc. Any advice on how to execute this properly would be a tremendous help!

Thank you so much in advance!

Bump need this aswell

I would create different sequences for every hero and store references for them in a data table linked to the corresponding fighter name. You can also have multiple sequences stored, select one randomly, maybe some values that change, based on certain combinations of fighters perhaps.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this thread, it means a lot! I was in the process of creating the sequences but i’m still unfamiliar with implementing a UE4 data table system/ struct. I’ll definitely research into it and post a picture example here to hopefully help anyone else once I figure it out in the near future!

Happy to help, also let me know if you have more questions about this. =)