Fighting Game Camera

I’m trying to figure out a fighting game type of camera where it follows the average of two locations basically.
I was using THIS tutorial for it but there seem to be some issues translating it to a 2D version.
What happens
Any and all help would be appreciated as I have basically no clue why this is happening.

I’ve actually managed to get it to work now. Just had to change the camera from ‘static’ to ‘movable’.

you never set the cameras rotation. maybe try FindLookAtRotation with the average position of the characters as the target. (add character positions, divide by 2)

For some reason it creates an additional CameraActor when I test it. Is this supposed to happen?

what blueprint spawns your CameraFocus actor?
maybe your gameMode blueprint could use GetAllActorsOfClass to check if a CameraFocus actor exists, and if it doesn’t exist, it spawns one, if it does exist, it uses that one.

Rotate your camera with 90 degrees?

I actually just dragged and dropped the CameraFocus actor because nowhere did it specify in the tutorial I linked. :slight_smile:
I tried following your picture but I’m not exactly sure how to SET CameraFocus after the GET since it’s a separate actor and the action menu doesn’t seem to find anything relating to it.