Fighting game camera

Greetings, I’m a long time viewer first time poster here
I’ve been making a game for a while now but, now I need serious help. There’s lots I wish to do, but I’ll make things easy and start small.
What I’m trying to do is make a fighting game camera much like tekken well exactly like it, I’m sure it’s been ask a lot and i’m just asking along but this game has no profit as it’s a free game and I’m it’s only member that wish to do this to gain skill and knowledge. So, if there’s anyone that can help or guide me to the right people to ask would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and here’s what i have now for my camera blueprint. I know that I would need to get the distance between two characters and make a target point between them as well as set zoom via distance and rotation mainly those are my trouble points. I truly hope I can learn from everyone here and maybe help others like me in the future.