Fighting Component

Would you be interested in a component that can be added to any pawn that allows them to do fighting combos. Really simple setup only 10 steps. The purpose and main advantage of this is ease of use. Now on Sellfy
Link to documentation

This is a video of it fully implemented.

Step 1 Step 1 add component to pawn.jpg

Step 2 Step 2 add inputs.jpg

Step 3 87f06051c0ad110bc96c16da4e7406bae9b10893.jpeg

Step 4 a84d79b6915ceaf57a4da55131619c0d61bf85da.jpeg

Step 5 9d7142b673eb35617c9712d7ee83f632b2e23e8c.jpeg

Step 631426a4ccc95f1ac9e3b85efe19322cb923180b1.jpeg

Step 7 Step 7 add the notifies to the montages.jpg

Step 8 Step 8 call anim notifies in animBP event graph and set references.jpg

Step 9 Step 9 add your montages into the component.jpg

Step 10 Step 10 hit play to test.jpg

Total setup time under 10 minutes. The component handles all of the logic all you have to do is add animations and 3 notifies and you are ready to go.

Looks cool. Do you have any sort of price in mind? Definitely looks like a great time saver.

I was thinking 19.99 .

19.99 as demonstrated?

Good deal and would buy on impulse.

Yes I would like to keep it in the impulse buy range.

Looks cool. Will be watching the progress of this since there is a lack of combat systems on the market.

Very Cool!!!


Thanks axell699 and luny.

I should also mention it is setup to be used with any AI units as well. Has functions that can let the AI perform random attacks or a sequential combo chain.

Sick!! Does that include the AI, and status effects?

I could include some basic AI as for the status effects it is from the marketplace.

Looks cool. It’s amazing how it’s only 10 steps to integrate in combat. Just a quick question, can this be used across all types of animations?

Yes any animations you have can be used.

Ranged and Melee AI now included.

What do they do?

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AI update: You can choose if a character will be set ranged or melee. It’ll shoot out three traces, front, left and right, for detection. It’ll stay in attack range.
It’ll move differently in patrol or attack mode, and it’ll aggressively chase down enemies.


[FONT=Arial Black]beautifull combat system!!!

You also plans to sell it in the Epic’s marketplace?
This works for a Multiplayer game?


Yes I have plans to sell it in the marketplace I am still adding features at the moment. Multiplayer is something I am considering.