Fight or Flight - Battle Royale with Atmosphere...


Hey guys!

I have finally begun to share my latest project. I have been working on this solo for the last few years.
It’s been inspired by DayZ,Pubg,Arma, and more recently Hunt:Showdown…;base64
(it can be pretty funny at times)

Fight or Flight, is a multiplayer monster hunting shooter game. With multiple game modes including Battle Royale modes.
Also full offline support with bot ai’s for practice!

Multiple Game Modes
The game features multiple game modes with different objectives. In each mode the player will gain experience in the form of an in-game currency. This can be obtained from completing objectives, killing and harvesting monsters, killing zombies, and killing other players. Currency can then be used to purchase in game cosmetics.

**Extraction: **At the start of the match extraction points are spawned at random locations on the map. Slay monsters and harvest them to obtain research on the virus. Once a monster is harvested the player will be given a temporary power up rune that aids them in combat for a short time.
Players get 3 lives, and 60 minutes to gain objectives and extract. Extraction points must be powered up before extracting. If you die you will lose all current progress in the match.

Battle Royale: with a monster hunt twist. Battle it out in a classic Battle Royale mode but with the added intensities of Monsters and Zombies.

Drop Zone: Fast paced Battle Royale with limited respawns. Each player will drop into the level with 3 lives. At the end of the match the last hunter standing wins.


I have implemented support for Nvidia Highlights and started a Developer Highlights youtube channel, There is also a gameplay showcase video :slight_smile:


If Battleroyale, with loads of ai controlled players and complete chaos sounds like your idea of fun please take the time to check the project out.
More details and screenshots and what not can be had over at the steam page:


I am hoping to start a Kickstarter shortly with the goal of expanding and bringing some artists on board if successful, i really feel like the game is turning into something special :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to read, please check out the youtubes for videos.
Very much looking forward to sharing more :>

Congrats, good luck!

Looks great! How many hours did you put in till now? Wish you the best!

Thanks guys!

It’s very hard to say how long its taken so far. I work very much with how i feel, so some days 16 hours others only a few.
It’s been in progress for 2 years so far ;), a lot of that time was part time while finishing my last game (Protonwar, VR fps), but realistically been full timing this for over a year already.

So, in short, many many many hours! SO many features / ideas explored/dropped/kept. And this is where i’m at now.
Biggest time sink was/is enviro art, i made a 256 km squared island, then decided to pull back because i would of never finished, lol. (still got a copy though… maybe one day, was great learning anyhow)

So much fun! haha! :slight_smile:

Well that’s the spirit! I know the struggle when you put so much time for a certain parts of the game and it’s a dead end… And then convincing yourself to drop it :slight_smile: anyway it looks great so far. I really appreciate solo game developers because i know how much time is spent just for minor things. I hope you’ll release it someday!

^ That comment is even more relevant now!

Have been continuing to work on the game this whole time, have now built a very large map and the game has matured quite a bit :slight_smile:

Here is a new trailer:
Release will be just before Halloween :slight_smile: