Fifty Knobs and Dials

Fifty knobs and dials with both new and old PBR materials included for each.

Sample Movie:


Fifty Knobs and Dials contains exactly that – 50 unique knobs and dials for use in games, simulations, and video projects. Each knob contains 2 separate materials: One for brand new and one for Old and worn, and is adjustable between the two via the instanced material. Adjust Ambient Occlusion, Edge Wear and under color, Dirt Level and dirt color, Paint Stencil, Metallic-ness, Roughness, Base Color, and Normal Maps all through parameters and included masks. Including Normal intensity and tiling. Easily migratable with materials and textures to your own project’s content folder.
Technical Details

50 Unique knobs and dial meshes
All based on real world knobs and dials
100 Instanced adjustable PBR materials for New and Old
“Medium” resolution models for use in gaming, simulation or other 3D projects
1024x1024 resolution textures
Includes Paint Mask, Dirt Mask, Edge Mask for all knobs
Hand UV’d and optimized
Fully adjustable and animation ready Instanced material based on a single Parent Material
Knobs rotate independently with their respective rims or bases for animation
Bonus: each knob is modeled water tight for exporting to 3D printer.

Intended Platform
Tested on windows, but should work on any platform that supports UE4 PBR textures.