Field "Support x86" isn't available

In Project Settings, Platforms - Android, Build, all fields aren’t available, including “Support x86”. “This requires GitHub source.” is written, but I have an access to “”. How to solve this problem?

Access is not enouth, you need to get source and compile and that compiled version have this active (or maybe you need to have source in Source directory, i don’t know). Problem here is that launcher version don’t have Android x86 binaries, you need to compile them from source in order to package them in to apk, editor probably do that for you when you will package the game.

Hello Doaxan,

Let us know if the answer provided by does not solve your issue. Thanks very much!

Thank you very much, compilation helped, now it will be necessary to compile each new version most? And whether it is possible to add somehow this version in a launcher, how separate?

how can I compile them ? is there a tutorial ?