Field of Many - ArchViz and Presentation

Hi Everyone,

This is a project we worked on and showcased in VR in November 2015.
The goal of the project was to create a mausoleum style structure that will be both efficient and stylized. The project was presented in VR to an audience in an orthodox Jewish cemeterial convention and demonstrated the benefits of architectural design in an otherwise style barren common approach.
Most of the audience were religious orthodox so it was a challenge and a great opportunity to bring vr to a community so far apart from this kind of tech.
The demo was welcomed with amazement and awe by those who have tried it.

I hope you like it. C&C always welcome

Hearty Congrats ! Can you please share how you pitch the project to your client? Do you give a speech or Powerpoint presentation prior to the VR demo?
Or do you just pop the headset on them and they go Wooow!?

What are the usual questions you get from the people?

We are preparing ourselves for a presentation booth in an upcoming Arch Expo and your inputs will be golden for us. Thanks in advance.

Looks great!

Did any of your guests feel nauseous after moving with the xbox controller? If they have never tried VR before let alone moved with a joystick, I could see this causing tremendous discomfort.

Your lighting and post-process looks great. How many people did you have a chance to demo to?

Hello Shakti
Is it your first presentation? I’m sure you are excited :slight_smile:
To answer your question: Yes we talk to the client, tell them about the idea and the benefits, and sometimes an archviz video walkthrough of one of our projects. Then we pop the headset on and they go Woooow :wink:
Mostly the clients want to know how we deliver the service and what support we provide, given that it’s a system stationed in the clients space. Sometimes they will ask about other visualizations such as exterior or landscape.
This specific expo was different in that it wasn’t a living space, but more of monumental in nature. And the client was the architect. We also provided all the graphic art and promotional print.
I hope this answers your questions.
Good luck with you presentation :slight_smile:

Helo SBiegun_PDG
Yes, some did. But that was expected. First time in VR is known to cause headaches even if you aren’t moving. And more so with the DK2 which is the only hmd that was available at the time (Tried to get a VIVE but HTC didn’t think Archviz was a good enough driver for content to provide a devkit). But most were actually fine. We slowed the movement to a comfortable pace and told them to stop and look around every few moments.
We demoed to about 50 or 60 people in that convention. But we also demoed other Archviz to real estate companies and architects.

Thank you for the response. Yes, we are meeting one of the prestigious client in my locality in couple of days and excited to blow their minds. Will share my experience here.

How do you plan of offering your services?
We are thinking of giving a VR workstation & an Oculus, as part of the package, in the first client project. Consecutive projects will be quoted at a lower cost. The client can use the workstation in their marketing office, Expos and advertising booths at shopping malls. We are also planning to collaborate with the architects in helping them visualize their blueprints in VR, to have a sense of real world space than having them in Meters & Feets in paper.

I’d love to hear how your presentation went :slight_smile:
Basically we offer a rental VR system that stays in the clients office until the project is sold, or until he has no use for it. We also give the option to buy the system.
Regarding architects - they usually do fine with blueprints for the skeleton but might need visualising when it comes to interior design if they are also involved in that. Though that is a totally different approach.
Can you share some screens from your Archviz?