Hello, we a group of graduate students from the FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy) at UCF (University of Central Florida). The 8 of us are all artists with specializations in 3D Art, Technical Art, and Animation.

Our group project is a VR project in UE4. The project is a two and half semester project where we chose to take an open source story and merge the style of a known IP with it. However, we have to make it in VR and the experience has to designed to be played with in 10 ft x 10 ft play space.

We chose to take the Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and immerse it into the world of Blade Runner. So, what is our core gameplay? Appendage reconstruction. However, to fit the Blade Runner theme we changed the monster into an early version of a replicant from Blade Runner 2019. You play as Victor Frankenstein’s assistant in a run-down garage. The garage has been retrofitted to fit the needs of assembling an artificial sentient being. Victor has created a high-end 3D printing lab that creates the body parts for you. The player only needs to select which pieces that are made. After the pieces are printed the player can pick up the appendages and attach them to the main torso which is on the operating table. After all the limbs have been attached the player can then activate the main power to bring their creation to life.

There are 3 variations of limbs to print. So, the replicant can be unique through multiple playthroughs. However, little does the player know that Victor’s 3D printer has some kinks in it. The machine just might not print out the limbs correctly and this will ultimately affect the personality of your creation. Thus, making its actions unpredictable. To add another level of complexity to the experience, time is of the essence. The police are onto what Victor Frankenstein has been doing, and they are coming. The personality of the replicant might save you and Victor or be your undoing.

Our going title for the project is called Cyberstein.


Hi, my name is Brian Mikolajczyk. I’m a 3D Artist at FIEA and a member of the Cyberstein project. I have strong career aspirations of being an environment artist in the AAA industry for games. Here’s a link to my portfolio.


Hello, my name is Anthony Monteagudo and I’m a Technical Artist at FIEA and a new member of the Cyberstein project. Here’s my portfolio:


Greetings, my name is Ryan Fisher and I am an Animator and programmer for * Cyberstein*. You can find my portfolio here:


Hey everybody, I’m Kaylie White and I’m a 3D artist on the Cyberstein team and at FIEA! I specialize in characters and props. My portfolio: Blog:


Hello! My name is Piper Seng and I’m a 3D Environment/Prop Artist for the Cyberstein VR experience at FIEA. Here is my portfolio:


Hello, everyone! My name is ! I’m a Tech Artist for the Cyberstein VR experience at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy! (A master’s program for game development). Here is a link to my current FIEA blogspot:

Thanks for taking a look at our experience and looking forward to creating more!


Hello! My name is Jaz Jordan Brown. I’m a 2D/3D artist working on the VR Cyberstein experience at FIEA. Here’s a link to my WIP blog if you want to keep up with me

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Hello, my name is Marshall Fornataro-Minnig. I am an Animator at FIEA and a member of the Cyberstein project as well. I am trying to learn as much about motion capture as possible and am trying to be the best Animator I can be.