FIEA VR Project Metroid Dread


We are a team of artists from the UCF graduate school called FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy). We are a team of 8 artists creating a VR experience based on the world of Metroid Dread! The experience will be an escape rooms style experience where the player is Samus trying to power up and escape the room and from a rogue E.M.M.I.

Our team is composed of 2 Animators, 2 Tech Artists, 4 3D Modelers, and 1 Project Manager.

The Project Lead is Ismael Perez.

Kellie Driscoll
Erik Fontano

Tech Artists:
Ismael Perez
Ally Rybinski

3D Modelers:
Cameron Friday
Thomas Nguyen
Helen Wang

Project Manager:
Gabriel Lopez

We look forward to sharing our progress throughout this year as we complete our program!


Hi, my name is Kellie, and I am one of the animators on the project. I worked mostly on the number sequence blueprints and the pipe blueprints (they turn on when triggered by certain steps. Because more people are joining the team, I will be focusing on the E.M.M.I animation now. Here’s a short run through of the blueprints I worked on:

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Hi everyone! I am , a 3D artist at FIEA with experience in 2D. I joined the Metroid VR team after the first round of cuts, and have mostly been working on the player’s (Samus’s) left hand and arm cannon models, but have done some work on destructible block models and some 2D VFX sprites as well. Here are images of the current proxy models:


Hey there! I’m Tom, a 3D environment artist at FIEA. I just joined the team recently and will be working on the project’s lighting. I haven’t dug my hands too deep yet, but here are some shots of the first lighting pass:



Hello everyone! My name is Ismael Perez and I am the Project Lead and a Technical Artist for Metroid VR. I am focusing on VFX and Rigging while assisting the team wherever needed. I hope everyone enjoys our work as we continue to polish our experience!

Here is my most recent work for our project:


Hi y’all! My name is Ally Rybinski and I’m a tech artist with a focus on vfx! Before the Metroid project, I was on a project recreating a scene from Tangled. This is the last sprint I did: Sprint 4: Tangled


Hey! I’m Cameron, one of the 3D artists on this VR project. While I will continue to create various models in the environment, my main focus will be modeling the E.M.M.I. I aim to follow the design of the E.M.M.I. in Dread as closely as possible, while adding in some extra detail to account for how up-close-and-personal the player can get. It was the first in-game asset I created a proxy mesh for, and it will be one of the first 3D assets brought to full completion.

E.M.M.I. Proxy:



I’m Erik, an Animator at FIEA and I have been doing a mix of animation and blueprinting for the HUD and final step sequence! I am doing the Crawl across the window animation, and some various blueprinting for steps and HUD!

2/28 Project Check in

And here’s a video of my contributions for this sprint! Sprint 5 Video

Hi, my name is Helen, I am a 3D artist at FIEA. For sprint 5, I modeled the hallway floor, hallway ceiling and factory floor.

Screenshots of them in a proxy state:

Hey everyone! Here’s a snapshot of our latest update for the Metroid VR Project. We’re happy to announce the release of our first demo that you can download below!

Demo (Released April 20, 2022)

Visual Updates:

  • Added new textures to environment models
  • Updated lighting for the room and factory
  • Updated atmospheric fog
  • Updated environment models (walls, hallway, factory)
  • Updated hand model and arm cannon
  • Added a HUD with subtitles to player camera
  • Added death animation to the E.M.M.I
  • Removed wide beam block

Gameplay Updates:

  • Updated sequence of events with visual and audio cues
  • Lights are now tied with sequence of events
  • Audio cues are now spatial and binaural
  • Added door shake in sequence 2
  • Added debris panel falling in sequence 4