FHttpNetworkReplayStreamer - How does this part works on the WebServer backend?


I’m looking at one of the excellent things that came with 4.8: Replay.

You have 3 type of replay streamer : Null, Network and http.

From what I’m reading, the HTTP can be used to replay live session as you can read and write the file live.

In the code, there are a lot of HTTPRequest that done on different pages to download, upload etc…

Does the functionality is ready to be used or just the local storage replay is available and we should wait for another engine version?

If it’s ready, where can I find the source code of the “Web Pages” that are used on the backend to read and write the replay file?
I’m not asking for docs but some guidance for those who wants to test and look at what have been done and wants to try to use this “Super thing”!



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Can anyone from Epic make a quick answer on this?


Posted a quick reply here: