FF7 Avalanche Hideout UE4 environment

Hi everyone

Ok so ill keep this short im currently in my final year at university and for my final year project I have decided to recreate an area in Final Fantasy 7 (in UE4 as ive got my hands on it for a year free thanks buy the ways guys) which will eventually be part of my portfolio. In order to create the environment I will be focused on modularity as I intend to start building a Lego box of assets I can re use for other projects down the line. Also baking the normals of high meshes either from sculpt data or just floating geometry.

So I wont go into much more detail as its all in my development blog which is the reason for this post to just direct anyone who is interested to either leave a comment with any advice or questions. Or simply reply to this thread I will be checking this forum often for any advice on the way I am approaching the project and any improvements I can make.

So far in my blog you will see I have already tackled a few problems such as baking normals for use in UE4 so I will try to answer any questions regarding my workflow to the best of my knowledge. But my main aim is to gain some more knowledge myself if anyone has the time.

Link to development blog

Link to all images from blog on imgur

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully my blog guys and please subscribe to the blog for further updates.

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Hey! Good job so far! Keep us updated with your progress.
I love FF7 and would like to see that work finished ^^

btw clicking in the imgur link all i get is a message:

Ok thanks for letting me know mate will change imgur now try

Now it’s working!
The entire Seventh Heaven is going to be epic. Good luck ^^

Im trying to work out what the bar is called the sign above the door says something but i carnt make it out " Oyster bar?" any suggestions mate.

Hey, found this:

Wow thank you so much I could make out the cowboy sign but would have had to make some thing up as I am going off screen shots.

How did you know that though ive gots to know?

Cheers bud

No problem mate.
I just found about it googling in a FF wiki.