Few workflow improvements

G’day guys,

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but having using UE4, i have find that if these features were to be added,it would help greatly with workflow:

-Boolean support for FBXs (Lets say i have a pre made model and i want to cut a shape out of it, and vise versa with brushes)
-Unlimited brush vertices (idk if this is already added within UE4 but it would be really good to have a square brushes with more then eight vertices points, so i can create abstract shapes)
-Right click on a mesh and replaceing it with another mesh (if you want to replace a mesh with a destroyed mesh(fbx), you can replace it)
-OBJ import, this might be a bit hard since you have to make the lightmass affect the obj surface but obj import will be veeeery helpful


I’m not sure I understand what you want here. Can you explain further?

You can add vertices, faces, etc. and perform other more complex operations such as extruding via the tools in the Geometry Editing mode.

It’s easy to swap out the mesh used by a StaticMeshActor via the Details panel. Are you looking for something different here?

I believe this is already planned for a future release!

Lets say i have brought in a fbx of a rectangle and i want to import another fbx so i can use this to make a hole into the other one.
this should also be with fbx and brushes or brushes and fbx

Hmm, the scenario i have is that i have made a mesh of a cement I-Beam but there is a broken and non broken model, i place all the beams with the non broken model but needed to replace some with the broken one
it was tedious to change the models size and shape where i could have right clicked on the place holders and replace it with the broken one. It is not in terms of LOD


It sounds like you could just select the ones you want to “replace” with the broken version of the mesh and then in the Details panel change the mesh used. Does that do what you want or am I still missing something?