Few questions regarding Control Rig and linked sequences

I managed to figure out how to make linked control rig sequences, a little gotcha is you need(?) to mark the root asset as spawnable, otherwise you’ll need to plug in the rig manually each time.

So i can go from; blank Control Rig > Animate it > Create Linked Sequence > Export it In another session open it back up and edit it.

But i can’t figure out how to update any animations using the sequence, I’m using the animation assets linked sequence to edit, so its being referenced, so when i try to save it out again i can’t as its reference locked.

How do i complete the full cycle?

In typical fashion, after making this post it mysteriously works.
It definitely wasn’t working before hand tho, but i made a new linked sequence this time around.
So maybe something i did the first time around threw something out of whack.
Would still like it if anyone with longer exposure to this system could chime in with some dos and don’ts or any gotchas that require finesse work arounds ect.