Few questions for using Custom Character Models

So currently I feel a little stuck due to the lack of tutorials out there using custom character models instead of mixamo/fuse models or the default ue model.

Really would like to know the best way about going for rigging and then setting up animations with a custom character model.

For more info I am using this to create my model:

I have tried to use mixamo’s auto rigger and mixamo’s animations but they just don’t seem right.

I would honestly prefer to use MoCap Online’s animations if possible as they look a lot better than the free mixamo ones.

If anyone can point me into the right direction with this stuff I would greatly appreciate it!

Little notes for this:
-Any specific ways I should export out of 3DS Max?
-I have people who can rig in Blender so what would be the best way to go from 3DS Max to blender?
-When we have tried retargetting using the mixamo autorig the mesh on our characters seems to get a little warped, what could cause this?

OK welllll if your serious about character animation for video games , or other wise then the number one choice would be Motion Builder period.

Still one of the best intros.

Doesn’t quite help me here lol

In my team I’m mainly doing level design and audio stuff. We just need to solve our problem with what I was talking about and then later on when we do another pass for animating we should have found an animator for our team.

I would then suggest that you do find a skilled animator. Video game animations is not what it use to be say 10 or 15 years ago and is a lot more about understanding frame works, file formats, along with motion capture and key frame management and not about moving dots to just make something work.

Granted this is based on just my experiences but has been my thing since Quake 1 and animation in general is driven more by the narrative of the game than the mechanics.

Depends on your character animation frame work.

Are you using in place or root motion?
Are you adding in dialogue and expression tracks?
Do you need A-B sync animations for things like melee attacks?
What is your ideal “custom” character setup/base rigging?
Do you need to retarget motion capture animations or animations you bought from the Epic market place?
Do you have a source chain requirement in mind? (required if you have more than one animator)
Do you need cut scenes or QT events?

3ds Max can do some of this but not all of it with out time consuming work arounds. MB on the other hand can do it all over coffee and donuts and an experienced animator will know this. :wink:

Sorry bottom line Blender does not play nice with any other 3d application but Blender so we have excluded it’s use from our development pipeline.

Would have to see the original source but the Mixamo “autorig” is actually MotionBuilders “autorig” so to ensure that your rig matches the animation your default position for the character has to be Z forward in the T-pose position.

Sorry for being wordy but anything animation wise these days has the complexity of code as to what would be assumed to be easy and a skilled animator will not only have the experience but the tools to get the job done…over coffee and donuts. :smiley: