few questions about particle systems

i have weapon that uses line trace to determine hit location. I’m trying to create particle that mimics bullet shot from the weapon so there is visual que for the player.
For life of me, I cannot figure out how to set it up so on spawn it emmits only one particle as weapon is not fully automatic.
Using brute force of trial and error, i somehow manage to almost get what i need. Problem i have is, particle spawns half a second after i press button so enemy dies sooner than bullets gets to him.

Another question i have, Is there a way to kill particle after it travels predetermined distance? My weapon has limited range but ‘bullet’ particle travels even after trace line system detected hit. Setting it on lifetime doesn’t work very well because i can hit enemies that are way closer so ‘bullet’ particle still goes trough them.

this is screenshot of modules relevant to my problem (i hope)

thanks, H