Few problems

Hello. Sorry for wrong forum, but i don’t know where i can write this. There is no forum “help” or “bug tracker”. I have two problems.

  1. I can’t login to AnswerHub. “There was an error contacting the remote service”
  2. I can’t open my project because : " This project is saved in new version of engine".
  3. Can someone post for me on AnswerHub and give me link?
  4. Can i start new project with my map from broken project?

Hi ,

  1. I understand that you have already reached out to our Accounts team at accounts@unrealengine.com. Thank you, the issue with your Answerhub account is currently under investigation and you will receive additional communications via email.

  2. Projects that have been created in a newer version of the engine cannot be opened in previous engine versions. If you created the project in 4.10 it will not work in 4.9, and if it was created in 4.11 Preview it will not work in 4.10. Is this what is occurring for you?