Few Photos from random level!


Let me know how to improve!

This isnt finished yet! Just messing around!


A lot of it comes down to lighting, I think. The outside lighting is really harsh and simple - some atmospheric fog might help a little bit, or you could use a HDR image to try and get some more interesting ambient lighting. You need to either use a rock texture or (ideally) some static meshes to model the ‘valley’, because at the moment it’s just a dirt texture on an almost vertical incline.

For the graves you either need a higher density terrain or a separate static mesh for the ‘mounds’, since you can see the sharp lines of the polygons at the moment.

On the interior cave scene, there’s a lot of light bleeding in from outside without a clear source. The border between the rocks and ground is also really harsh so using some static meshes there to break it up would help.