Few levels

I’ve just made a game for android that has a few levels. The first is menu, clicking “new game” opens second level- game. I have connected by mobile and deployed my project like here: but what is a problem- only one level works. When I am launching from menu, menu works but clicking “new game” closes my app and when I am launching from game level, game works but opening menu is unabled. What does it mean? Is it normal during deploying? Or maybe is there a possibility that I am making something wrong?
Sorry for my English, and thank you for all replies!

As far as I know Launch on device will only prepare/cook and deploy this single level (regardless of what levels you have specified in the packaging settings). So at that point it doesn’t know about your other levels on the device simply because it doesn’t have them. However if you actually package your game via File -> Package Project -> Android -> Android (ETC1) and then deploy it on the device using the .bat files in UnrealProjects/<ProjectName>/Android_ETC1 it should be able to load your other levels. See: