Few iOs release questions

Do i need mac for releasing my app to apple store?
And if i do, which is cheapest/lowest mac that i can use just for releasing.
If i want to compile C++ code, again which mac would be cheapest to get for this task.

I do have some quite powerful windows machines, so i am using them for development.
Mac that I (hopefully not) need would be used for releasing, compiling C+ and probably as mp3 player.

To clarify:
I am not asking about deploying to ios devices, that i can do from windows.
I am asking about releasing to apple store.

Ok I found out that I do need mac.
And i found cheap, used one.
Only questions is if one of those can handle releasing to apple store.

MacBook 2010:
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz@2.4GHz
Mac OS X Lion 10.7

or Mac Mini:
2,4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo örgjörva
-Innbyggt bluetooth or Wifi.
-500 GB HDD
Yosemite OS

I’ve been using a hired remote Mac with macincloud.com - US$30 for 30 hours, which is plenty for the purposes of just uploading testflight builds, releasing, or uploading app preview videos (which you have to use a mac for now, too). Pretty happy with it really. Not sure on specs for your own one if you need to compile, though.

Ahh we already bought used one. But good to know they are renting macs online.

You can also emulate a mac on your pc. (Check “Oracle VM VirtualBox”)