Fermi Paradox

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to announce that our long-term project, “Fermi Paradox” is going on kickstarter soon. While the prototype does use Unreal Engine 3, the final product will utilize Unreal Engine 4. We’re already in contact with epic games.

Screenshots and press materials await you on


Here are a few ingame-screenshots:




We will also be on Gamescom 2014! Meet us in cologne!

Also check out the UDK thread:



EDIT: Thought this was general discussion, nevermind.

Looks neat

Thank you! Updated first post with a few more pics.

Great job so far Thinklabs! The screenshots look fantastic. Be sure to keep us posted on the development of your project Fermi Paradox. Keep up the great work and hope to see more in the future.

Go UE4 asap! :smiley:

Thank you guys for the nice words and support!

Gamescom in cologne has been great and we received lots of valuable and great feedback. We’re working on our trailer and in-depth explanation video and definitely keep you guys updated about our progress.

More info to come, stay tuned, it will be awesome!