FEngineAutomationTestUtilities doesn't seem to exist!

Hello everybody!

So I didn’t think this is a bug and I don’t know where to take this so here we go!
I’m starting a new game in a brand new company and we want to do some continous deployment/continous integration. And to that end we are setting up the Unreal Engine automation system.

From the official UE4 documentation manual, in the technical guide, at some point a lot of functions are used as static functions from the FEngineAutomationTestUtilities class.

Unfortunitly it didn’t seem to work or even exist.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a dumb dumb as I…

DId a google search.

  • Did a documentation search both on UE5 and UE4 side.
  • Verified that all the plugins were installed.
  • Tested succesfully other automation tests like IMPLEMENT_SIMPLE_AUTOMATION_TEST
  • Added a bunch of engine headers as well as utility headers
  • Searched directly in the source code of the automation utilites pluggin
  • Did a full search for the class on the engine and project side


Are those missing from the engine? I know the pluggin specify that it’s in beta and might be removed or reworked with no notice… But still wanted to notify it somewhere and be sure!

Thank you to anyone taking interest in this! Have a nice day!

Hi @anonymous_user_b9143c27 , if you look at the version at top of Documentation page its for UE 4.17.
In the source code for UE 4.17 the file EngineAutomationTests.cpp the section pertaining to this is commented out and therefore I suggest from UE 4.18 it was dropped and the documentation is no longer maintained

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Thank you so much for your answer, we will find another way to make this work then!

At the 5.2, it looks like FAutomationEditorCommonUtils implements LoadMap() as well as the some other automation utilities. Unfortunately, it’s still not enough to make example of ComplexTest from that page work.