I started on a little side project in Unreal with blueprints.

The game takes place in a tower and you spawn in the top room and try to work you way down to reach a collectible that you need to combine as a puzzle.
For now I’m planning to do 7 rooms, have 1 character, 1 enemy and some puzzles!

(Character in the help sheet, is from the internet and will be updated when I have my own character!)

I would love some feedback from you guys if you have some spare time!

Hey! I like your concept :slight_smile: Is it meant to be a small and short game?

It reminds me a bit of a rogue-like game called Skyhill from Daedalic.

Looks intresting , would like to hear more , and if you need some help I would be happy to , although I’m a beginner myself.

It’s gonna be a small game, later today I will upload a picture of how the first room is going to look like!

This is a mock up picture that I quickly made how I want the UI and the angle to look like.

Model of the enemy, the rig is next and then it will be able to shoot acid !

I started on a concept for the main character, now texturing and rigging!

Looking very cool, will be watching to see how this progresses great job! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much ^^

First video progress! Still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done. Hoping the HUD and combat will be implemented at the end of the week!

[video]- YouTube

Looks good! There is some good character design there, as well!

Implemented the HUD as well!

How it looks in game


  • Character can shoot, lose health and respawn
  • Enemy can shoot, lose health and die
  • Outline effect on things you can kill
  • working HUD (Mushrooms will show up in the inventory)

Short video is also available at: - YouTube

Character update!!

Character is rigged and skinned, made a quick pose to present it.

Next: animations!

All the rooms are done, texturing is next!

Another update!
some playerfeedback added, made a destructible potion (health), web, spider acid that you can pick up so you can open door, start screen, loading screen, controls and a pause screen!
More to follow

Something that still needs to be fixed is that you cant see the outline in the other room, if anyone has any idea how I can achieve this please let me now.

[video]- YouTube

Updates happening!
Finally you can finish the game!

Up next:

Another update!

  • animations in there + character texture updated
  • fixed some bugs
  • all the info screens in there
  • updated menus (so style fits together)

Stuff that still needs to happen:

  • Extra particles
  • Collision fix castle
  • Texturing
  • music

Another update!!

everything is done (might do some extra stuff in de summer holiday)
A video will follow tomorrow morning!