Fence Generator Issues

If you are using the Fence Generator and suddenly find yourself with a lighting error like this that refuses to go away no matter how many time you rebuild you level:

“MapCheck:Error: Error MyWorldSettings Maps need lighting rebuilt”,

then you need to take a look at your generated fences. I spent several hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t build the lighting successfully. Hacking the editor finally revealed the source of the problem which was several problematic fence segments created by the fence generator. I didn’t dive into the blueprint, but it seems that there are splines being created that are causing problems for the lighting build. I don’t know if this is a problem with the engine splines or an issue with the blueprint itself misusing the splines. But I do know it’s hard to trace if you have a lot of fencing.


It is possible that this is the marketplace asset you purchased: Spline-Enabled Fence Pack?

If so, I am the author of that content and the support thread is here: HostileAssets Support Thread. If this is the asset you are having troubles with, I hope we can continue the conversation there. I will quote your post and attempt to answer it in that support thread. This way other users have a single location to go to see any issues others may be having or to find temporary/permanent fixes that could be applied.