Female walk/idle animations for prototyping?

Hi I’m prototyping a game and the main character is female so I’m using ue4’s default mannequin, female version. the problem is that the default animations are still masculine, a tad aggressive.

is there anywhere I can find more feminine animations? ideally free or not too expensive

thank you!

this one has good female animations. I think its free.


Oh, and you can also retarget animations from mixamo relatively easy as well.

oh that pack is fine! thanks.

I tried mixamo but didn’t work out right out of the box so I didn’t bother. any quick and dirty tuts on retargeting mixamo to unreal? I don’t really have any practice with retargeting tbh

youtube has dozens of tutorials covering it. It seems complicated at first but oncee you know how to do it is like a 5 minute process. Probably takes a day to fiddle through the tutorials to get comfortable with it though.

Just mentioning in case you need more varied animations down the line - mixamo has a little bit of everything and is the fastest way to get some placeholder (or even final animations) into your project.