Female Template Skeleton?


If there already is something like female template skeleton, please provide me a link.

If there is no such thing… Epic guys - please create one! If you don’t do it, there will be a total mess with female skeleton proportions. I have a cool female mocap set here, I’d like to submit to Marketplace.

Important thing - please, just mannequin, bones and skin, so I can animate normally with Maya’s and MB’s built in HumanIK rig in Y-up setup.

You can try to re purpose the existing skeleton. As long as bone hierarchy is the same, there shouldn’t be any problems and most of post processing can be done using Blueprint graph, if someone decide that female animations using standard skeleton are not well… female enough ;).

In Fortnite Epic is suing the same skeleton for all their characters, so I say it’s valid option and it saves tons of work.

Sure you can do that (use male skeleton to make female anims). Fortnite is cartoony though, and animations are handmade.

It will force you to always use IK (because of different shoulder size, there will be problems with holding rifles, spears etc.), any animation, where the character grabs something (for example hand on hip), or walks on 4, will be out of the question (shoulders size…) and all women will be as tall as men. Also it will be super hard to advertise and market those animations, presented on a …well… very feminine moving male mannequin :wink:

Anyway, If Epic says everything should be on male skeleton, then ok, but I see no point. It’s just more work for everybody retargeting and playing with IK. Also, the point of different genders sharing animations, is to save the time of animators. This makes no sense here, because I’m offering the animations.

Yes I agree and Epic Games please don’t be like Ubisoft when it came to the latest Assassins Creed :wink:

As inside say, you change proportion but hold the same bone hierarchy. I think that is ok.

Yes. this is ok imop, the final tall of a character is much better do it in the engine changing the scale.

Btw… Diferents Skeleton is a pain, extra work in anim bluepint, in code, more memory, more data in multiplayer mode, for something that few people will appreciate the difference.

If you main character is a female can be ok, but It can don’t fit all projects.