Female Stormtrooper testing

How would I go about loading a female character better yet the character customization in the Play In Viewer? Iv’e tried loading pawn female test into my testgame mod and overridden game mode in the world setting but just doesn’t work so I’m sure there’s a bit of a process

Hey easy way around this: die with the character you spawned with(“cheat hurtme 500” in console should do the trick), click “create new survivor”.

As Mezzow said, it’s just easier to die and respawn while PIE. This is mainly because in PIE, we don’t see or get to the creation screen, it just throwns you into a pawn as quick as possible and if I’m not mistaken, the creation screen is the only place where we determine for the game to use a female pawn, at least as far as I’ve seen.

‘cheat suicide’ is technically quicker :stuck_out_tongue:


ok thanx guys! sounds easy enough!