Female Mannequin

Having just recently asked a market content owner about their animation, and how the animation might look for female characters (because every animation pack in the store is using a male base); I was informed there was no female mannequin.

Seriously? Why is there no female mannequin? A walk cycle made for a man does not look correct for a woman.

Epic needs to get on that, and offer an official female mannequin.

That’s a valid point :slight_smile:
I’d suggest making it a free marketplace download instead integrating it though, as the default mannequin is often just used for non-animation projects.
No need to complicate the basic project setup.

With any luck, a community member can take up the challenge and create one.

Because the mannequin, and the animations for it, are all intended to be for prototyping.
I think the idea is that anyone who wants a “real” character will re-develop the necessary animations and meshes for their character.
This would let you animate whatever orc / succubus / octopus you want, without being tied to the “plain” mannequin assets.