Female mannequin skeletal mesh

Is there any way Epic can make a (sexy) female mannequin companion to existing male mannequin bot ? (in mobile and desktop flavors)



Seriously, how would that be anything but a monolithic waste of time and resources?

Why not?!

It would benefit community. I don’t think it’s a waste of resources.

Because there are exactly 0 benefits for it being there, see below.

It’d benefit nothing and no one. It is the exact equivalent of asking them to add another variation of the default shaders-not-compiled material. The manequin is a placeholder used until you have your own assets, it might as well be a grey stick figure (which in truth it already is in a way).

It is sad to see the forum being clogged with inane requests like these when much more important stuff is lost in the wake.

That very well may be for some, but I plan on using it as a final asset.

Then make your own. Problem solved! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing could be said about any single feature request out there.

Btw, if you aren’t Epic, don’t reply. This isn’t “Community feature request”.

Of course the mesh itself and materials are placeholders.
But… lot of marketplace/community animatios are rigged to this skeleton. It’s kind of standard skeleton for engine, very useful for small teams. Easy to get plenty new anims without even retargeting. And no risk that anims would be messed up on your skeleton. So it’s very useful.

If you care about quality, it’s worth to consider separate female skeleton and anims in your game. Some female anims are just adjusted male anims of course. Although often it make sens to create walking anim from scratch for woman :wink:
2 skeletons for humans are often enough even for big RPGs (if skeletons are good enough).

Having basic male and female skeleton could be great for non-AAA teams just because it would become standard set for marketplace/community creators. This is then only but valid reason to have female skeleton.
It doesn’t matter if the mesh and materials would be close copy of original mannequin - this is just placeholder stuff.

Well as an animator having the basic form and shape of the character helps in dialing in the small details. Bottom line though doing a sexy walk on what is clearly a male form is creepy.

Solution of course is to buy the form from the market place but not everyone can afford off the shelf assets.

P.S. Anyone that says content does not matter must be a programmer. :wink: :smiley: (yes I’m joking)

Most, if not all AAA titles use a single skeleton. Men and women both have arms, legs, a spine and head, yes? Then the original placeholder will do just fine to hold the place while your final assets are done.

Unless you’re doing something asinine as using placeholders as final assets, but why would anyone do that?

Oh, while they’re at it, they should create a different variation for the default floor grid, it’ll serve the community!

Anyway, I’m out, this threads hurts my brain.

Not really, models are way easier to make than engine features. But what I said is still true, if you want a certain character, make it yourself. Or pay someone to do it. My image of a “sexy mannequinn” is probably different from yours.

“If you’re not Epic, don’t reply” is not a great thing to say in an open forum. If you don’t want people responding write your future feature requests in Notepad.

I do believe a female mannequin would be a worthwhile addition. The biggest advantage would be to stimulate selling female animations on the marketplace. Last time I checked, there is one female movement set on the marketplace, which for demonstration reasons had to include its own female model. Compare that to plenty of male models. I realize that the disparity could be in part due to animators being predominantly male (?) and most game’s protagonist being male so it being more feasible to produce male animations.

Currently, to sell female animations you have to be an animator AND modeler, or you have to have permission to include someone else’s female model. You can’t demonstrate female animations with the male mannequin, after all. I could see this is a huge barrier for animators. Additionally, having an “official” skeletal mesh would help with the quality of female animations. An animator might submit animations that look good with the included custom female mesh, but due to skinning would look bad with other meshes. If there is a standard mesh, animators have no excuse to submit animations that don’t look good with that mesh and modelers/riggers can use that mesh for reference.

I don’t think these are the OP’s points, but I think its worth considering. :slight_smile:

There are already female versions of the mannequin on the marketplace to buy. Seriously, this request is an asinine display of extreme laziness. << this? Sorry, I don’t find it feminine at all.

It’s not laziness. It’s severe lack of dev time. Not all of us have luxury to be full time indies.

P.S. If someone makes good model and put it on the Marketplace - I’ll be the first buying it. The issue is that no one has so far and Epic is known to do really good job on everything :wink:

Hey Motorsep,

This has been brought up before and comes down to being a request for a new animation set and model. The character model is meant to only be there very temporarily and be replaced with your own character, so it wasn’t meant to affect development. It may happen one day that Epic does pursue creating a new default mesh, but as of right now there are no plans that I’m aware of. If this is something that the community seems to need to help with development, we’re open to hearing feedback.

Please check out the following character packs for female models if you require a replacement now. The mixamo pack is free and can easily be just brought into a newer project:

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

The point is that there is already a Mannequin. A high quality rigged character that can be used in production for a certain type of games. My game happens to accommodate Mannequin. I would be nice to have a partner for it, a female partner that is.

I sure could use some of those models as they are indeed of a high quality. However, they don’t fit into my project stylistically and would force me to go AAA-indie production route which will probably either kill the project or I will be releasing it when UE 5.25 is about to be released :rolleyes:

If there are no plans, then please lock this thread.

Even the $10 prototype pack? If we did a female mesh, it wouldn’t be very far off from that one stylistically so I am not sure Epic releasing one would help in that specific instance. I want to keep the thread open because I want the feedback about the models and animations.

Well, not to offend the author(s) of that product, but IMO Epic’s Mannequin looks better. I might give it a spin anyway and see if it looks well in cel shaded material with inked outlines.

OK I’ll give it a go. :wink:

Since the beginning of time, well at least since the invention of the video game, there has always been the gap between the needs of code and content, left versus right brain thinking, where code is all about ones and zeros smashing into each other where content, player animation creation, is a visual process of being able to see the process change over time as to iteration and inspired creation.

That’s to say that code has to work today based on a purpose that is general by nature where content can take days or even months based on the perspective of the artists who see the would based on some form of reference as to the result they are looking for. It’s the only option unless you can see into my brain which is a scary place to be.

In the case of animation the devil is in the detail of function following form so using a male form to create female animations the result usually lands up with your female character looking more like a drag queen rather than a female by design. It’s just human nature to work with what you see and female movement on a male figure just looks goofy. It simply does not or will it ever look right unless of course your character is a drag queen. :wink:

To me it’s not a problem, I’m a big boy and can afford the toys I need, but lets not forget the 12-14 year old who can not afford to buy food yet alone off the shelf art assets.

A bit of a rant, from an artist perspective, but hay if it does not “matter” than the end result will be the mess that is Mass Effect. :wink:


Did I mention anything about anims? I think not.