Feigning death

Hi, I have read a topic about feigning death on answer hub How would my pawn go Ragdoll and then back to animations? - UE4 AnswerHub , but still got problems with correct setup of feign death sequence.

Engine ver: 4.2.1

Here is my setup:

  1. Feign_death_start.png
  1. Remember some variables for later use: skeletal mesh component, collision capsule component.
  2. Set simulate physics on skeletal mesh component - start ragdoll.
  3. Stop movement, otherwise the character will be moved when I decide to stop feign death.
  1. Feign_death_stop.png:
  1. Turn off collision and simulation on skeletal mesh component
  2. Set relative location on capsule component, the capsule component stays in the position where ragdoll started, so move capsule to ragdoll position.
  3. Reset relative rotation and location on the skeletal mesh component to default values, otherwise whole skeletal mesh would be upside down :slight_smile:
  4. Set isgetting up flag, to start blending from physics to animation.
  1. Feign_death_tick.png
  1. Scale a little DeltaTime to slow down physics blend weight
  2. Set blend weight on all bodies if physics blend weight >= 0.f

It seems blending physics to animation doesn’t work with turned off collisions on skeletal mesh component.
Of course I also tested blending with working collisions and it seems blending is working, but whole character is spinning around like helicopter rotor ;), dunno why, maybe this is caused by collisions with ground or something.

Any ideas what is wrong here?


It is weird for me to simulate bones below root but it seems PolytizeMeCapN solution does actually work :wink: My prototype: