Feet slide between animations?

Wondering how to solve a problem where the blend between animations causes the feet to just slide. Do I need to make an animation for this?

You’ll likely need to modify the feet to smoothly animate without sliding between poses. If this is in sequencer you can align one of the feet with options and then use a control rig to modify the other foot.

It’s in an Animation Blueprint, I have a bunch of random idle poses.

And you cycle through these poses and just blend from one to the other? I can think of only 3 ways to solve this off the top of my head:

  • Edit the idle animations so that the feet are positioned the same in each of them
  • Use inverse kinematics to keep the feet planted at the same position the whole time
  • Use transition animations from one idle pose to the other where the character adjusts their feet accordingly
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Make sure your collision cylinder is not set to low. we had an issue where it would look like it was sliding between animations and he seemed to be floating sliding off ground a bit. If that is your issue then check collision cylinder for being to low set. Bring it up a tad.

Assuming that you want to correct on the blend and not on the cycle in general.

Best practice use a blend space for 8-way movement.

All of the animations you are using for a given movement state, like run walk ect, place them in a sync group

Once done create a sync marker for each foot fall.

Now when blending Unreal 4 will track where foot placement should be between blends.