Feet going through ground in root animation - help needed

Hey guys,

I hope you can help me with my problem. I´ve set up an animation montage (a dive roll animation from Mixamo) where the character does a dive_roll. RootMotion is enabled and the animation plays perfectly in the animation preview (root bone is on the ground).
This is the ani-graph setup.

If the player presses a key, the animation montage starts to play.

It sort of works, but at the end of the animation montage the character goes through the ground with his feet and bobs up again, playing the normal idle animation. At the start of the dive roll, the feet also intersect the ground, bujt not as much as the awful down/up at the end of the animation.

The root animation looks fine, so I really don´t know what is causing the down/up movement when the two animation blend together (dive roll -> idle) . The skeleton is set up like this : root : animation, pelvis : animation, the rest is skeleton.

Happy for any kind of help,