[Feedback] Why don't you start giving some feedbacks to Feedback?

I don’t enjoy spending time in the forum as there are almost no involvements from Epic.
Why don’t you start giving some feedback to the Feedback?
It’s a good start if you want more feedback.

And Forum needs finer granular sub-forums. There are just too many random topics bunched up together and it’s really hard to read them through, therefore I don’t them through but just search the topics to get what I want and leave. It explains why there are so few activities on the forum compared to Unity.

I don’t like Unity but one thing I’m praising them is how they manage the forum. The forum is very well organized by the subjects and you will see many direct involvements from their employees. There is a forum manager for each subforums monitoring and if necessary, they invite the developers to the topic often to answer them.

Please invest in the forum. Epic is 1000 times bigger than UDN days but it hasn’t changed much in terms of serving the community. You just let users ask questions and users answer them. Epic’s involvement is pretty much to just give Karma the active users. It’s a shame.