[Feedback Wanted] First Night Scene

Howdy there everyone!

I just put together my first night scene and was looking for feedback. Its nothing special because I’ve never been an art/graphics/looks guy but just wondering how I did on my first try.
Below is a link to a high-res. screenshot; I’m not too sure what that line is across the lake the but that’s where the feedback comes in handy haha. I tried uploading the screenshot to the forums itself but I kept getting a database error.


-make it a little bit darker
-add more meshes to make the scene a little bit more interesting :slight_smile:
-the hill looks a little bit unnatural
-dont just use one ground material -> add a little bit more variation

But it’s a good start!

@: Thank you for the suggestions. It came out a lot better the second time I think thanks to you :smiley:

Updated Photo!

I added more trees and included rocks from the ‘Open World Collection Demo’ (Kite Demo) that was released on the Marketplace last week. I also made the sky completely black, reduced the intensity of the stars and reduced the intensity in the ‘SkyLight’ I placed to try and replicate what the moon might do to the water if it was super bright like you might see sometimes. As for the materials on the Landscape, I’m still trying to make the textures I want to use blend together better. Everything looks blocky and jagged when I tried using the paint tools in the Landscape editor; I’ll spend more time this week learning to create materials and how to properly use the paint tools :slight_smile:

What does everyone think?


Looks much better now!

-add a little bit of variation to your trees -> use the ones from the kite demo
-I personally would make the hills behind the fire like a cliff -> but depends on what exactly you want to create

Btw, you can take screenshot with the UE4 (then you dont see all actor icons) - just go to the game view (little arrow at the top left corner of the viewport) and enable it - in the same tab you can see “take high resolution screenshot” - choose a resolution -now the picture gets saved in documents/unrealproject/projectname/saved/screenshots

When you take screenshot, put the Editor window in Game Mode (G) it will remove any unwanted widgets and apply all of PP stuff