[Feedback] VR Starter Content

In UE4.15 the VR starter map was fairly well refined. BP’s existed for the controllers, warping, etc and all were dropped into a blank map for ease of use. This is especially useful for engineering applications where I could drop in concepts for review and have everything I needed preloaded into the environment.

The new starter map/content in UE4.19 is really poor, in my opinion. There is no functionality embedded into the map, so it is completely unusable as a fast start for performing quick design reviews. Can you please bring back the old starter map/content for VR?

I also realize that enterprise is bringing new starter map/content as well. But currently it does not function properly for VR and is not usable. I have tried multiple times to get VR to function properly in that starter map, but have been unsuccessful and have abandoned it. That is a separate issue though.

At the end of the day, please bring back a more finished starter map/content for VR. Besides being useful to those that need it for quick VR environments with basic functionality, new users to UE would also find the content useful from a learning standpoint.