[feedback] Support for "traditional" scripting languages


while Blueprints are very nice and intuitive, I found them far than ideal for programmers when experimenting new solutions. I think that support for a “traditional” (= with source code) scripting language would allows quicker iterations than using BPs or starting immediately with a C++ implementation.


  1. it should be usable everywhere a BP is allowed;
  2. it should allows for quick iterations (no editor re-launch, no long compile times, etc.);
  3. integrated editor with supports for autocompletion (at least for UE4’s objects and types).
  4. (a 1:1 mapping to BPs would be a nice extra feature).

Of course, all the above from a programmer point of view :wink:


Have you seen Bob_Gneu’s V8 integration?

Hi Chris,

I have seen it ( and while it’s surely a nice effort, I’m not convinced it’s the ideal solution.

Someone claiming that they implemented C# in to engine and integrated it with editor… but nothing more then that, check C# thread in general discussion.

Overall as source code to engine is accessible anyone can implement whatever they want to, considering there is demands for simpler programming language it’s just matter of time someone will do that.

There are people who are working on integrating scirpting languages into Engine.

I don’t think Epic will stretch resources, to do so, as their goal was to replace all asciprting with Blueprints in the first place and that is area that they are focusing on.

Thanks guys for your suggestions, but I’m not currently searching for a solution/implementation. I wrote in the “Feedback for Epic” section only to provide a feedback to Epic. I think this feature should be a “first class citizen” of UE and I know other people complaining about it (search on Twitter).

Well it’s forums, and it is for discussion ;p.

I’m against integrating any scripting languages into engine by Epic, we have blueprints which are perfectly fin, and all resources should poured here, instead of stretching for implementing several other solution that will essentially do exactly the same thing, only bit differently.


I think you are not a programmer. As I stated initially, this is a requirement for programmers.

Programmers use c++

I’m coding with C++. I don’t need scripting for it.
My workflow is pretty simple:

  1. Program functionality in C++.
  2. Expose it to blueprint.

I actually like it. C++ is like creating your lego blocks from scratch. Blueprint is using those lego blocks to create something.

Can’t say I’m 100% programmer, but I don’t see any use for other language than C++, and scripting than Blueprint.

If I could learn C++ enough to code for Unreal, I think everybody can.
If by chance not everyone can, there are people working on mono integration and JavaScript. You could help them, instead.
If the code will be high enough quality it might end up in main branch of engine.

Just remember that Epic mainly focuses on areas that are needed in their games, but they are willing to maintain support for third party code(!!), if it meets certain quality standard.

Im a full programmer, and im with iniside, as thats exactly what i do. When someone hires me to code a thing, i create the building blocks in c++ for blueprints, and then assemble them, that way, the guy who hired me has much more control over the final state of the feature.
I see absolutely no need for a scripting lenguaje, as “unreal” c++, with its automatic memory management, nice templates for array and similar, and the unreal header tool for editable variables and replicated functions is all you need.

Re-implementing scripting into UE4 would be a step back in my opinion. At least as far as effort put forth by Epic is concerned.

But I am not a programmer. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a python or lua integration! Hell, even JavaScript might serve…

A scripting language in general is just so much more productive than c++.
C++ is a must if you need speed and power, but most gameplay code doesn’t need that power.
I think Python would be best suited for gameplay programming.

I’m a programmer myself Kafu, and I have to say, while having other options for programming is nice, I don’t think this is something “Epic” should do. But don’t worry, now that the source code is available, it’s just a matter of time before you see a few popular scripting, or even more general purposed language be available for you to code when it comes to UE4.

Though in the end, a friendly advice, give C++ a shot if you haven’t already, while it’s not the prettiest code to look at, but it gives you a high level of flexibility, and the fact that it’s native language of the engine makes it the right choice to make your game with, at least from my perspective.

I’m sure Epic has to add some sort of scripting support if it wants to play in the same league as Unity. Unity is so popular not only because it’s affordable. It’s because of it’s simplicity and its short learning curve.

BP is very powerful for designers, but kinda limited for developers. C++, on the other side, is an overkill for todays’ developers who used to write js, python, ruby etc. The engine itself and the BP is easy to learn, but the C++ part has a very steep learning curve.

Quoted for agreement! scripting languages is going backwards, look at unreal script they took it out. I do not see them supporting/adding any new scripting language in UE4 anytime soon.

The biggest argument IMO in favor of supporting scripting languages is it makes it much easier to expose a powerful modding interface, such as the kind I want for my game.

It’s the lack of a scripting language that’s going backwards in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, there are good reasons why they took out scripting support, but the real solution (albeit a pie-in-the-sky while-we’re-at-it-I’d-like-a-pony solution) would be to address those root causes, like creating a debugger that does seamlessly transition between native and scripted code. Of course, I can hardly blame Epic for not wanting to do this themselves. But we’re just talking about forwards and backwards here, and scripting languages are definitely not backwards.

Well if you gys dummed old thread it worth mentioning about this:

Also there already (mentioned here) V8 implementation and there also C# plugin mad by some studio with editor integration and i bet more solutions will come over time

Thanks, super interesting!