Feedback/Suggestions for Future UE4 Tutorials

The tutorials so far on the main youtube channel are a great start, but obviously more would be better. Here are some tutorials I’d really like to see. Feel free to make suggestions and I’ll edit my main post to include yours, or if you like my suggestions please say so. That way, we can show which tutorials are of the greatest demand. Obviously, we can’t expect Epic to do everything, so showing them what’s priority from the community would be great I think:

-Landscaping walkthroughs (covering importing height maps, creating custom Landscape Materials from scratch, assigning layers, creating Layer Info Objects/importing RBGA Splat maps for pre-generated terrain from programs like World Machine) (MattD)

-Blueprint tutorials detailing how to recreate one of the first person/third person demo projects from scratch. (MattD)
-A tutorial detailing how to implement basic TDM multiplayer for our new demo project created in the previous tutorial (MattD)
-Basic TDM Bot AI (MattD)

I think these would be super helpful in getting many early projects off the ground and running.

-Creating 4 custom materials from scratch (maybe Grass, Concrete, Metal, Wood). That should cover most people’s needs. (MattD)

And please explain the “why’s” of using certain nodes/values, it doesn’t help us if we are told to use a certain node if we don’t know the why of it. As they say, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This is especially critical for Blueprint and Material tutorials.

Yes these would be nice, but you could also test things and look at the example code, Tutorials can only do so much if you just copy them and do the same thing. That will help with what does what :slight_smile:

I agree to some extent, but reverse engineering is incredibly time consuming and is somewhat limited in what you can learn. Looking at examples isn’t very helpful if you have no clue what’s going on in the first place. I would imagine lots of people coming form Unity or non-unreal engines are going to be totally lost with Unreal’s material system and blueprints since those two are unique to Epic’s engines.

I’ve already gone through all that. It’s time for more advanced stuff.

I don’t disagree that tutorials are a good thing, however, some things should only go so far in terms of the granularity of whats shown.

For example creating Blueprints from scratch to arrive at what is already a complete demo; at some point you just have to learn things like this yourself by doing it and not rely on hand-holding or memorizing how someone else implemented something…this defeats the purpose of Blueprints because they are so flexible and you can get the same results in an infinite number of ways.

Don’t get me wrong, I think every tool in the editor deserves its own tutorial, but I would rather the time of Epic be spent on adding to the engine with features and optimizations rather than showcasing every sliver of functionality…get your hands dirty and tutorials will be something you never spend looking at. Just my 2 cents.

Alright guys, lets not get off topic here. If you have a suggestion for a tut, please state it. I think the “just get your hands dirty” argument has been made.

Pub Games is currently working on a bunch of tutorials, including a few that you’ve already listed :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for them

I would love to see some Tutorials on some of the more advanced UMG stuff, like dragging icons from one UMG to another, scaling windows, optimizing, etc